I have had many people ask the same question….

“Why Mighty River?”

So glad you asked…..

Three years ago, during a fast, the Lord called me to Uganda.  Followed by these words….”the darkest place in the world”.  

But, there was one problem….

I had no idea where Uganda was.

The Lord told me that I was not to pursue this on my own, but this would come by His leading.

I had a vision of rescuing women and children by crossing a river.  In the vision, I carried them on my back to safety….one after the other…..safety was across the river and I was the vessel they used.  I continually led these beautiful black skinned bodies across the river.  Their eyes met me with relief that I had come to rescue them.

Crazy, huh?  

No follower of Christ has ever been deemed logical.

Two years after the vision of the river, a friend sends me a link to a CURE International mission trip to Uganda.  He breathed life into my vision when he said, “you need to go.”  He sent me a link to a video of what happens to children in Uganda if they are born with hydrocephalus (excess fluid on the brain).  Many Ugandans deem these children as a curse from their gods….

To save the family, they have a river drowning ceremony and kill the child.

“The darkest place in the world,”  I heard the Holy Spirit again as I watched the video.

“You will lead them to safety.”  The vision all made sense to me.

I am called by God Almighty to rescue, heal, restore and deliver the people of Uganda from darkness.  The River to me is the power of the Holy Spirit….

Where many Ugandans have seen the river as death, I proclaim life through the powerful saving of Jesus Christ.  I am His chosen vessel.

He is a Mighty River!

My declaration over Uganda is Ezekiel 47:9 “….where the river flows everything will live.”

Where the Lord takes me to be His hands and feet….His voice….there will be life.  He is the River that will touch these people.

I believe Oswald Chambers sums the power of the river up in a devotional from “My Utmost for His Highest”…

He who believes in Me . . . out of his heart will flow rivers of living water —John 7:38
“A river reaches places which its source never knows. And Jesus said that, if we have received His fullness, “rivers of living water” will flow out of us, reaching in blessing even “to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8) regardless of how small the visible effects of our lives may appear to be. We have nothing to do with the outflow— “This is the work of God, that you believe. . .” (John 6:29). God rarely allows a person to see how great a blessing he is to others.”
Here is the video that wrecked my heart….
made the vision a reality….
and took me to Uganda for the very first time with CURE International.

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