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“1000 hills….and a bottle of wrinkle releaser”


Odd name for an entry, huh?  But I LOVE IT!!

Its because this weekend I saw how much God is in the details.  The details….every tiny thing.  I saw that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  Everything belongs to Him.  Including me and every need I have.

This past week I had a conference call with my team members and leaders for the trip.  We discussed some of the things that we need to have completed before the trip.  I had a list in front of me.  It is “the basics” for this trip.  Things like “toilet paper, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, a flashlight, batteries…..a clothesline, clothes pins….and a bottle of wrinkle releaser.”

I’m embarrassed to say….I didn’t know what wrinkle releaser was.

We were told that where we are staying, we will be washing our clothes in a basin and then hang them on a clothes line to dry.  We will string it around our room.  Sometimes the power goes out for an hour, sometimes a day.  We will take showers with no hot water.  We will sleep with a mosquito net draped over us.  We were informed not to drink the water, not to even brush our teeth with it.  We were given our dress guidelines….skirts below the knees and t-shirts. 

I made a note to self…I gotta get some skirts that are cool and easy to wash.  Find out what wrinkle releaser is.

Now let me tell you what happened after that….

Easter Sunday was also my birthday this past weekend.  I had sent my reminder about my fundraising out on Thursday.  I needed $330 to meet the first deadline of $930.  Easter morning, I was in worship at International House of Prayer, and I asked the Lord a question.

“Lord, I know that You are always ‘right on time’.  I get that.  But I have one week to have this first part of the funding in.  Please, will you do it ahead of time?  I want to be a week early.”

So where does the 1000 hills and wrinkle releaser come in?

Well….after church, I drove to my friends home in Lula.  As I pulled into the driveway, I saw the most beautiful sight ever!  My friend and her family had decorated a beautiful table underneath some old oak trees to have my birthday dinner.  It looked like a Southern Living magazine.  And when I sat down at the head of the table, I felt like Alice in Wonderland.  It was magnificent!

We ate shrimp and grits, my favorite.  My family and hers sat around.  We laughed, we joked, we ate key lime cupcakes.  They sang Happy Birthday to me….even Rudy the bassett hound howled along.  We took pictures, the kids played and then we went inside.

“Hey, I’ve got some skirts if you need them for your trip,” Anita said.  I was so excited!  Did she know that I was wondering where and how and when I was going to look for skirts?  We are the same size…and she is giving me her best.  She looked at the clothes she was giving me as she knelt on the floor and said, “wow…I can’t believe that MY CLOTHES get to go to Africa!”  She blessed me so much.

Then she gave me a birthday gift.  A check made out to CURE.  Her check with another birthday check also to CURE, made my deadline….a week ahead!

As we were getting ready to leave that evening, I noticed a small white bottle on her counter top.  “Downy Wrinkle Releaser”.

“Anita, where did you find this?  How did you know about wrinkle releaser?”

“Its yours,” she said, “you need it for the trip.”

Wow.  He took care of everything.  My simple IHOP prayer was answered when I left in regards to funding.  He provided great skirts and t-shirts.  She even gave me “Radical” to read, a book I’ve been meaning to read.  He even topped the evening off with a new bottle of wrinkle releaser.

He’s in the details.  He cares about everything for His Beloved.

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills…..

Months ago I sat in a Passion City Church service and Louie Giglio talked about building the new Passion City Church in Atlanta.  The building used to have tennis courts in it.  Therefore, the gutted building they are re-constructing had some tennis balls laying around.  He said that whenever his team would do a walk through, one of his friends would bounce a tennis ball.  The guy wrote “1000 hills” on the ball and gave it to Louie.  Whenever they questioned, “how are we going to do this financially?” he would look at the tennis ball and be reminded that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  From then on, whenever the team members would have a conference call, they’d say, “1000 hills”.  Out of nowhere, “1000 hills”.

Psalm 50:10 “For all the animals of the forest are mine, and I own the cattle on a thousand hills.”

He owns everything.  He can do anything.  He can move on anyone to give at anytime.

I took my bottle of wrinkle releaser and wrote, “1000 Hills” on it.  I’m leaving it on my desk until I go.  It will remind me that everytime I wonder “how?” about the funding for this mission trip, or any other anxiety that may try to rise within me, I will know that HE’s GOT IT!!

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  Amen.

 Party table


1st Deadline is Almost Here – May 1!


I love this picture. Absolutely love it. These Ugandans are waiting with expectation for their children to be treated.

I got this picture from CURE. And you know what amazes me? I never thought it would be this many people waiting. Each person was put here by our Creator. They are about to hear about a God who heals. A God who restores. A God who delivers. A God who saves.

They have a divine appointment.


I am excited to say that over the past month, we’ve already raised $600 ! Thank you so much to those of you who have given. Thank you even more for your prayers and sincere words of encouragement. I told a friend the other day that the sweetest words I hear are those that say, “I believe in you going to Uganda.” Those are beautiful to me.

Many of you have called to say, “I haven’t forgotten about giving.” I’m asking you all to take a moment and pray and ask God to lead you in your gift.  I am praying for you as well.

  • I only have $330 more due by May 1.    

The easiest way to give is to link to my CURE page at:

Or you can mail a check to:

CURE International

701 Bosler Avenue

Lemoyne, PA 17043

Attn: Heather Hunter

FOR: Shannon Millsaps

Your gifts to this ministry are tax deductible.

Here are my next deadlines: (GRAND TOTAL DUE $3672 $3,072)

  • MAY 1- $330

  • June 1 – plane ticket of $1812. is due (thank you to those who have offered Delta Sky Miles, but I am flying British Airways)

  • July 1 – final payment of $930 due

1 Corinthians 2:9 “ Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man, The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”