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“An Opportunity to Make a Difference…”



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It is my honor to introduce you to 10 of the most wonderful children in the world.  They hold a special place in my heart.  Each child suffers from hydrocephalus or spina bifida….many cannot walk.  I met most of these children on a visit to CURE Hospital in Mbale in 2011 and 2012.  They have been treated at CURE and now live with my dear friend, Miriam.

miriam and me

Miriam is the Spiritual Director for CURE in Mbale.  She daily reaches out to women who visit the hospital and offer what doctors cannot…

An appointment with the Savior.

She leads many mommas to Jesus.

And for some of the mommas who cannot provide schooling and necessary medical care for these children…those on the ones that Miriam brings to HER house.  She provides shelter, food, medical care, schooling and love to these children.

She shares Jesus’ love to them.

And sometimes I think of her as Jesus with skin.

She calls her school “Overcomers”.  She speaks life to their hopes and dreams.

You have the opportunity to make a difference…

When you vote for the picture of the children, Miriam could win $750 for her school!  That’s a lot of shillings!!  You can vote everyday until October 15, 2013.