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“I Thirst”


     “I thirst.”  I first heard this statement as I sat in my car in a parking lot by myself .  I was talking to a dear friend of mine and didn’t want to get out of the car to interrupt what she was saying on the phone.  She was speaking into me.  Nesha was one of the few people I told early on in this journey, about the Lord calling me to Uganda.  Frankly because I felt crazy speaking it out loud….and the Lord had told me to “keep a quiet heart.” 

I love Nesha because she is real.  Just real.  She is quiet and gentle on one hand, but on the other, she is full of Holy Spirit fire.  When I told her that the Lord was calling me to Uganda, she looked right in my eye and said, “You’ll go.”  She never doubted the call on my life….she has only spoken into it.  She has never given me an “if you get there” statement, she only gives me a “when you get there” word.  She believes like I do.  She believes in healings and miracles.  She believes in dancing when your world is falling apart.

In that parking lot a few weeks ago, she said that she wanted me to read a Mother Teresa book.  She said, “you know, Shannon, she was called at 36 years old and was silent for quite a while, just like you.  She was called to leave the world that she knew and to live among the poor.”  She said, “you need to get this book, it talks about her fire, Mother Teresa understood what the words “I thirst” mean.”

So, I got the book. 

And I now understand the statement, “I thirst.”

Mother Teresa had, what I call, a holy visitation.  God Himself showed her that He thirsts for us.  Not a negative connotation of the word “thirst” as a lack…but “thirst” as an intense longing.  Jesus intensely desires for us to love Him, to know Him.  Just as a thirsty man in the desert yearns and aches for water, our loving Father thirsts for us.  He is consumed with us, just as we are consumed with getting water to quench our thirst.  He would give anything for us, just as we would for water…..

And He gladly gives us all He is and all He has in exchange for us.

Wow.  I cannot fathom the depths of His love for me.

And just as intensely as He loves and thirsts for me, He thirsts for you.  He thirsts and yearns for these people in Uganda to know Him and His love.

He thirsts to give us peace.

He thirsts to comfort us.

He thirsts to show us love.

He thirsts to be provider.

He thirsts to “show off” for us.

He thirsts to heal.

He thirsts for us to call on His name.

Mother Teresa wrote the words “I thirst” on chapel walls.  She challenged people to ask themselves if they knew what it meant to hear God tell them that He thirsts for them.

And I have to take this a step further in my life….

I thirst for Him

There is no one like Him.  I never want my thirst to be satisfied.  I want to always long for Him.  And just as He gives me a sip of His Holy Spirit water, I want to run after Him for more.  I want to see more healings.  More provisions.  I want to speak to more people about Who He is to me!  I want a continual thirst for more.

“Father God, may I never be satisfied with what I know about You.  I want to know You more.  I want to proclaim even more about You.  You have every right to challenge if I am thirsty enough for You today.  I love you with every ounce of my soul.  And just when you give me a sip, ignite me to pursue You for more.”

“O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” Psalm 63:1

“Lord, take me to the driest land, to the most parched souls, and use me to quench them with You and Your love…..Amen”


Esther and Kim… and a Lesson in Obedience


Several days ago, I recieved an email that touched my heart. A sweet mother had recieved the link to my blog from a mutual friend of ours. She introduced herself and began to tell me her story. Kim has three children and a baby boy on the way. She was intrigued, to say the least, about CURE and the mission trip I am going on. She couldn’t believe that the people I will visit in Uganda drown their babies if they have hydrocephalus. She was moved and wept for these children that die….

God crossed my path with Kim. You see, Kim’s baby in her womb, has fluid on his brain as well. She found out at 19 weeks gestation, and every ultrasound since shows more fluid on her baby’s brain. The neurosurgeon plans to put a stent in his head when he is born. Kim says she feels like her heart is being torn apart. Yet Kim’s aching heart is woven to these children and their mothers.

Kim said that she and her husband pray for their baby boy’s healing. I am believing with her. In fact, the Lord showed me that its not enough to tell Kim,
“I’m praying for you.”
Or, “Here’s a book that may help you.”
Or, my favorite, “Let me tell you about the time that I….”
He even reminded me to never be a friend like Job’s friends and question God in this….

No, Our Father has connected my heart to her’s and this sweet baby boy. I am to go lay hands on her belly and pray for a divine healing. And I will obey.
Its my obedience that matters here. I believe for a divine healing. I believe she will return for her next ultrasound and will baffle the doctors with a miraculous healing.

Kim told me that the day she read my blog, she knew the “Spirit of Esther” entry was for her. It was no coincidence that she had just put her Bible down, reading Esther, when she opened my link. She knew it was for her!

But I had disobeyed when I posted “Esther”. The morning I wrote about Esther, the Lord told me to begin it like this, “I know that this is for someone today…” But I didn’t. I struggled with sounding prideful. I struggled with sounding boastful. So I just tweeked it a little bit and said, “I pray this blesses someone today…”

Partial obedience is complete disobedience. The Lord had Kim on His heart when I wrote about Esther. He had a word for her. And I got in the way.

I prayed for forgiveness. I know some of you may think “so what?”. But to me, I have walked this path long enough to know that my obedience brings the reward. My obedience gives all glory to my King. My obedience shines light on The Almighty. Healer. Master. Savior.

My obedience is what takes me to Uganda. I have had many chances to share about the call on my life to touch, heal, deliver, rescue and restore the people of Uganda. I tell them that I long to hold a rejected baby with a huge head and touch every inch of him. I cry when I think about kissing his forehead and looking into his dark brown eyes. I desire to look deep into his eyes and he into mine, knowing that he can’t understand my language…..but he’ll see Jesus in the light of my eyes. He’ll one day recognize that Jesus reached down and rescued his tiny life. He’ll know Jesus loved him so much that He sent a white lady from Georgia to hold him. He will know Christ’s love that day.

My obedience will show the Ugandan mother, that though she may now be rejected from her village, she will never be alone. She will see the Mighty Hand of God restore her life. She will find the love of her Savior. She will find peace in His Arms.

And it took the reminder of my God to show me that my call is hinged to my obedience. He has shown me that His healing touch doesn’t have to wait until Uganda, but it begins now. It begins with a tiny baby boy growing in the womb of a faithful mother. It begins with the courage to step out and do something more.

Pray and believe with me. I will go soon to meet Kim in person. I will keep you all updated.

“Lord, I believe that you will heal little baby Ward. You continue to knit him together in Kim’s womb. You know the plans that You have for him….and they are wonderful!! Thank you for being His Healer and beginning his testimony now. Make him into a Mighty Man of God!”

The Spirit of Esther


I know that this is for someone today….

I love Dr. Mark Rutland. He is one of my very favorite Bible teachers. In fact, one of my very favorite things to do is listen to him speak at 12:30 pm on 91.5 fm. (Ha! I typed that out and just realized that I sound like my grandmother.) An even better day is when Ellie falls asleep in the back seat and I can listen to the entire sermon. 😀

One day this week, Dr. Rutland spoke on Esther. He talked about her great courage. She went before the king, after fasting for 3 days, to save her people. She had no prophecy or word of knowledge to cling to….everything she had banked on courage. COURAGE. That settled deep in my spirit. God reminded me that when He created me, He wired me with courage. Courage to walk the path put before me. Courage to walk the path that I already have. And Courage that says, “I am ALL YOURS, Lord. Send me.”

Dr. Rutland said this, ” When a divine opportunity in our lives meets courage, God will always supernaturally provide.” My divine opportunity is Uganda. My courage is BIG. And I know that I know, He will provide.

“Father God, may we never ignore Your divine opportunities. Let us hear Your voice when You place an opportunity before us. For You, God, are calling us into the kingdom. Just like Esther. You called her into the kingdom. I pray courage into our lives to take the one step put before us, even when we can’t see the entire path. I thank You for the supernatural provision that You have already orchestrated. I ask for the “Spirit of Esther” in my life. May I never give way to fear, but always be courageous.”

Welcome… About Cure…my bio


Hello, my name is Shannon and I am honored to be a member of the 2011 Cure Go Team to Uganda this summer! On July 25, I will travel to Mbale and Mbarara, Uganda for 15 days. I will join a 12 member team who share the same passion that I do for the beautiful people of Uganda. I will be volunteering at the CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda and at a mobile clinic. We will be ministering to the women and their children who have been born with hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a condition where there is an abnormal amount of fluid on the brain and the skull is greatly enlarged. In their culture, these children are deemed as a curse and are drowned in a village drowning ceremony. If the children are drowned, then the people of the village believe that the curse is broken. You can view the video “The River in Uganda” linked to this page. Our team will minister to these children by holding them and loving on them as they come to the CURE hospital for this life changing surgery. My goal is $4060 for this trip, but any additional that I raise can give a surgery to a child. It takes about $1000 to save a child’s life through surgery. I would love to raise $5060 so that we could save one more child! Please partner with me and let’s show these wonderful people of Uganda how GREAT our God is! CURE’s goal is to provide physical and spiritual healing to these people. I can’t wait to be a part of this!

Give toward Shannon’s Trip Now! @ Cure International site

Fundraising Letters Are Out!


I’ve never done anything like this before. Never. I really didn’t know how to ask people to give towards me going to Uganda. But God did!! I sat down with a piece of paper and pen and asked the Lord who to ask. I prayed about every person. You know what’s so cool about that? He put people on that page that I would not have thought of on my own. And now they are in the mailbox ready to go. I keep looking out the window as the flag is “up”. Of course the enemy has taunted me with thoughts of not having enough money to go. And as I washed dishes in the sink, the Lord very clearly said this, “Do you not know that my hand is upon you?” Yes!! It is. His hand is continually upon me. He leads me. He holds me. He steadies me. He defends me. He loves me.

And then my sweet friend Robin emailed me this beautiful prayer:

“Father God,
We praise and thank You for this wonderful opportunity of obedience to what Your Spirit has called Shannon to do. We know that where You guide You will provide. May the hearts of those you’ve chosen to provide funding be prepared as you lead each and every child of Yours to give to this Kingdom driven ministry. O that those who donate receive back ten fold for their blessings upon Shannon and her ‘God given’ journey. For our reward is in heaven and it’s eternal. May all the praise and honor and glory be to You, our Lord. In Jesus Christ. Amen.”

I am so in love with this God who affirms. Thanks Robin.